Italian food for mental healthDelicious. That’s how you describe Italian cuisine. No, they’re not just delicious but Italian foods also contain some amazing array of nutrients that is suitable for your diet if you are a fitness enthusiast.

Listed and searched for you are the well-known Mediterranean foods that are up to satisfy your taste buds and hack your nutritional demands.

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is a well-known source of the only healthy fat that is omega-3 which is vital for your heart and brain. Studies also showed that the compound oleocantha that is found in olive oil is a toxic agent that kills cancer cells without harming  the healthy ones.

Olive Oil is the main ingredient in every Italian cuisine making it work it hand-made pastas, garden fresh vegetables and other recipes just needs additional touch to it.

  1. Artichokes

This low calorie vegetable ranks as the 7th highest source of antioxidants among food groups by USDA. It is also a good source of fiber that it gives half of your daily fiber needs in just one serving of it. Fibers are an important food constituent in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

  1. Tomatoes

Italian foods always contain tomatoes from freshly served ones to deliciously cooked recipes. It contains Vitamin C which is known to strengthen the immune system and known as a great source of lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that is good for the heart and also good for the eye sight.

  1. Fresh Mozarella

Mozarella is a milk derived cheese, a dairy product that is one of the healthiest in the world.  Because it is a milk product, it has high contents of Calcium that is good for the bones.

An ounce of mozzarella cheese contains 70 calories and 7 grams of protein making it an ideal ingredient for your Italian inspired healthy diet.

  1. Basil and the likes

It is an herb that grows all over Italian cape just like parsley, oregano and lavender. Preparation of these herbs is simple as they can just be added in salads and served as toppings of lasagna and bread.

They do magic in enhancing the taste of any food they are added to. Simple and yet delicious. It has contributions in maintaining a healthy immune system and also has anti-inflammatory effect.

Who says that you can no longer enjoy food when you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle? And if you love adding some natural fitness formula like Whey protein for men and women to help enhance positive experience, it’s as well advised.

Italian foods are in themselves delicious and healthy. Foods that your taste buds will enjoy and will not pose harm to your body.